Le son des montagnes

Click play to listen the sound, pay attention please to keep it down, loss of hearing risk

The climb comes to an end, feet are heavy, legs hurt. Nevertheless, it is with serenity that begins the last part of the climbing, the landscape of the summits infusing in calm and bringing peacefulness. However, it is an unexpected panorama unfolding before our eyes, transfigured by leached colors, echoing rocks, pastel lines lacerating reliefs, unreal aurora borealis skies.

The mountains are metamorphosed into a psychedelic landscape, an artificial paradise where hallucinations show the distortion of the summits, being here fragmented, fantasized. Modified using software originally intended for sound, the photographs offer a unique landscape which is joined a soundtrack, product of this modification. The mountains thus make noise, imperceptible breath, minute rustling and clash of terrestrial plates undetectable to the human ear. It is the noise of the alpine silence that we are offered here to listen to This one attests to a presence and thus let us think that the mountains are alive, life hardly conceivable for the man because evolving in a temporality parallel, superior, too far away. This electronic soundtrack of nature seems to come straight from the depths - squeaks, whirrings, echoes - and becomes agonizing, oppressive.

These rattles, we do not want to hear them because of their uncontrollable characters, announcers of catastrophes, earthquakes and destructive waves. However, thanks to his new geography and the elaboration of a "melody" of fantasy nature, Lucas Matichard forces us to tame this life of the earth's subsoil, this deceptive immobility, and to accept that a part of nature escapes us again.

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